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Locker FAQS

What is a pick up locker?

A pick up locker is a secure, self-service locker controlled by a blue tooth lock. Our lockers are conveniently located outside our store locations so you can order ahead and pick up when convenient for you, even if that is outside of our working hours. No more racing across town before the distributor closes.

Why are lockers not available at my preferred store?

This is a brand new program for Nedco and in order to evaluate our locker program we are we are running a pilot program at 9 Nedco locations across Canada. If you think a locker program is perfect for your location, we encourage you to have a conversation with your local store manager or sales manager.

What do I need to use the Flexible Pick Up Lockers?

All you need is a smart phone with the Noke Pro app installed. This app is free and supported by Apple and Android devices, you can download it from the app store on your device. To avoid any delays, make sure the Noke Pro App is installed on your electronic device before picking up your order.

Does it cost me to pick up from a locker?

No, we are providing this service free of charge to our customers to provide increased flexibility and convenience.

How do I place an online order for locker pickup?

You can place your order for locker pick up by calling a participating Nedco location or by placing your order at nedco.ca.

To place an order over the phone:

When placing your order at your local Nedco location, ask your representative about utilizing our pick up lockers. You will be asked to provide your name and mobile phone number and will also be required to download the Noke app on your mobile device. When your order is ready for pick up, you will receive a text message from your local branch notifying you of which locker to retrieve your order from.

To place your order online:

Click on the Order Notes button in your cart or check out screen. Please write the name and phone number of the person picking up your order in a single string of text in the order notes box. Be sure you download the Noke app on your phone to ensure you can access your materials. When your order is ready for pick up, the mobile phone number entered will receive a text message containing the locker number for your order. When you arrive at the branch, open the Noke app and follow the instructions found on the front of the locker.

How do I open the locker?

We’ll send a confirmation text message when your order is ready for pick up. Before you arrive, be sure you have downloaded the Noke app. When you arrive at the lockers, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone
  2. Open Noke app one your phone
  3. Touch the sensor on the bottom of the lock
  4. Unlock by clicking icon in the app
  5. Retrieve your package
  6. Lock the locker

To download the NOKE App, please use the following links:

Can someone pick up my locker order for me?

Yes, please let your agent know over the phone or include all names and phone numbers when placing your order online.

When can I pick up my order?

Your order will be ready in about an hour after placing it and you will receive a text message on your mobile phone to notify you of when your order is ready. You can pick it up anytime 24/7.

Can I pick up my order outside of business hours?

Yes. The Nedco lockers are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. In order to be placed in a locker, your order must be placed by 3 PM local time Monday to Friday with a participating location. If you place an order during the evening or weekend, your order will not be ready for pickup until the next business day.

Can anything be picked up in a locker?

Unfortunately no. We can accommodate small orders of 10 ft. conduit pipe in our lockers, however large reels of wire and bulkier products must be picked up in store or delivered to site. Our store team will contact you if your order cannot be accommodated in a locker to make alternate arrangements.

How safe are these lockers?

Our lockers are manufactured from highly durable, weatherproof materials and are secured with Noke Pro Smart Locks. These locks are tamperproof and can only be opened by the assigned users through the Noke app.

What if there is a problem with my order?

If you realize there is an error with your order, such as a missing or incorrect item, please retrieve the entire order from the locker and contact your local branch during regular business hours.

When will I be invoiced for my order?

Please contact your local branch for this information as it will depend on your account terms.